Canada legalized recreational cannabis on October 17, 2018 – meaning July 1, 2019 will be the very first Canada Day celebration since legalization. For many Canadians, this special day has long been synonymous with enjoying cannabis. With so much to celebrate this year, we recommend you savour it in style.

Get ready to ring in our nation’s birthday with these easy steps:


1. Pre-Rolls

A connoisseur always has pre-rolled joints ready to go. Whether you buy your pre-rolls locally or at an online shop, or roll them yourself, a little practical planning will ensure you’re the hit of the party. Protect your pre-rolled joints by storing them inside a waterproof and smell-proof Liberty Leaf-branded Medtainer.



2. Clean your Accessories

Using glass caked with resin and debris is a drag. Go elegant. Before the big day, clean your accessories so they shine. Trust us, you’ll enjoy the taste of your smokables so much more, especially when sharing. Simply fill your glass accessories with hot tap water and shake well. Drain the water, then soak in 91% isopropyl alcohol. Swab the corners clean with Q-tips®. Hint: For smaller cleaning jobs, or if you’re short of time, opt for re-sealable isopropyl wipes.


 3. Charge up your Vape Unit & Mobile Devices

When you’re out enjoying an event, nothing will cramp your style like having your vaporizer and/or other mobile devices run low on battery life. Plan ahead. Charge up your vaporizer unit the night before and repack with fresh botanicals or concentrate. Also, be ready to capture every memorable moment of this festive day! Plug in your phone in before you leave the house.



4. Pack your Bag for a Happy Canada Day

You love the smell of cannabis. Still, you probably want to keep the aroma under wraps while you enjoy your day. Stay incognito by tossing your Medtainer and all other goodies inside a Revelry Escort carbon-filter backpack. Made of stylish canvas and a dual carbon filter system, odours are neutralized – meaning no one will detect your stash.




From our Signature by Liberty Leaf family to yours – Happy Canada Day!