Looking at different delivery methods

As it has been established, medical cannabis doesn’t need to simply be smoked or baked to be incorporated as part of a healthy routine. There are also concentrates, topicals and edibles on the market that have started to pique the interest of recreational consumers and medical patients. Many of these products have helped to open the door to the full potential of the cannabis plant and its extracts. Because the type of product consumed is as significant as how it’s consumed, it’s important to look at these different delivery methods. From vaping and smoking to edibles and dabbing, the means of ingesting cannabis are as robust as the products currently available to medical cannabis patients.

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An Overview of Different Vaporizer Types

The term vaporizer is an important one in the context of consuming cannabis for medical or adult recreational use. In recent years, these devices have become one of the most popular means of consuming whole flowers, or buds, and cannabis derivatives like shatter and wax. Unfortunately, for patients and many people new to cannabis, vaporizers remain something of an enigmatic tool.[1]

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How do Vaporizers Work?

Vaporizing is quickly becoming one of the most popular means of consuming cannabis, and not simply for therapeutic purposes. While vaping justifiably provides patients a safe and efficient means of medicating, the practice is also being adopted by recreational adult users opting for a healthier means of consuming whole flowers and concentrates.

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cannabis accessories

Understanding the Basics of Cannabis Accessories

Incorporating cannabis into your daily routine can, unquestionably, come with a set of light challenges. Chief among those is perhaps understanding the lexicon associated with ancillary cannabis products. When getting started with treatment, the difference between a paper and vape, or pipe and bong, may be unclear.  

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