Garden by the Moon

 Garden by the Moon


“To every thing there is a season...”

So long as there has been agriculture, lunar planting has existed. Gardening by the moon follows the natural rhythms of nature. There’s an inhale and exhale. Wax on and wax off. For millennia this process has been trusted without question, until recently.

Gardening by the phases of the moon is now considered knowledge of the “old ways”. In modern agriculture, the moon’s influence is a factor that is mostly ignored and commonly thought of as superstition. But the science is clear. Whether growing cannabis or other crops, if you want a vigorous garden that stands out above the rest, follow the rules of lunar planting.

Read on to learn the basics of gardening by the moon.


Science of Lunar Planting

Earth is subject to the gravitational pull of the sun and moon. Ocean tides are highest when the sun and moon are lined up with the Earth at New moon and Full moon. Because the moon is so close to Earth relative to the sun, the moon’s tide-producing power is greatest. The same force that pulls the tides also influences smaller and more subtle bodies of water – in seeds, plants, and in our own bodies.

Seeds and plants respond to changes in magnetic field; growth is accelerated when they are exposed to the magnetism of gravitational forces. The position of the moon determines whether water moves up or down the plant stem, and the quality of the moon’s rays determines the rate of leaf growth during the night.

Gravitational forces are at work whether plants are indoors or outdoors.


Benefits of Lunar Planting

Harnessing the power of the tides in your garden provides a range of benefits. Seeds germinate faster and a higher rate of success is achieved. Plants show increased health and vigour. Pest resistance is bolstered. Root systems are larger, optimizing moisture uptake. Microorganism activity in the soil is elevated, supporting increased productivity.

Most important; your garden will be so full of life that you will marvel at the abundance. You will find gardening to be relaxing and joyful. After all, there is a time for all things. Gone are the days when you feel stressed about completing garden tasks.    


Lunar Planting Schedule

As a rule of thumb, plant above-ground bearing plants such as cannabis at the New moon and root crops or bulbs at the Full moon.


New Moon
At the New moon there is a balance of leaf and root growth. Lunar gravity pulls water up from the ground. Seeds swell and burst.  This is the best time for planting above-ground bearing plants and germinating seeds.

2nd Quarter
Moonlight increases as the Full moon approaches, accelerating night-time leaf growth. Water is pulled upwards to accommodate new plant material.
This is the best time for planting above-ground bearing plants. Stem moisture is greatest 2 days before the Full moon.

Full Moon
Gravitational energy pulls downwards, drawing moisture into the soil. Moonlight wanes, shifting energy to plant roots and soil nourishment. This is the best time for planting root crops and bulbs. Soil microorganism activity is at its peak – compost tea should be started at this time.

4th Quarter
This is a resting period. Moonlight decreases as the New moon approaches. Lunar gravity is diminished. Root and above-ground plant growth is minimal.
This is the best time for harvesting, transplanting and pruning.                  

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