Tips for Growing in a Small Space


Cannabis is a joy to grow at home. In Canada we are fortunate to be able to grow four plants per household legally. However, not everyone has adequate outdoor space suitable for growing cannabis.  For some, growing in a small space is the only option Thankfully, with a little know-how, small-space growing can yield big returns. Follow these steps to success – and enjoy!


Strain Selection

For small spaces, it’s best to choose a compact strain with a wider leaf structure. Choose a strain that is Indica-dominant. For your first grow, try an Autoflower – the plants will flower on their own without needing you to change the light cycle.


Living Soil

Your end product will only be as good as the nutrients you put into it. Instead of regular potting soil, use a Living Soil. This will nurture the roots, providing a complete balance of minerals and natural growth enhancers without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.



Recent advances in LED technology have revolutionized small-space growing. Full-spectrum LED boards provide light to the canopy while diffusing heat. Your plants will never burn. Bonus: You can use the same lights from seed to harvest.



The best small indoor grow is the grow that flies under the radar. Neutralize light and odour by fitting out your space with an oversized carbon filter and exhaust fan.


Growing in small spaces means having to tame runaway plant height. Top your plants early to discourage vertical growth, while maximizing available space and potential yield. Pruning the under-canopy and clipping back fan leaves will concentrate plant energy, increasing bud growth.

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