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Cannabis can play an important role in the management of pain and psychological distress for Veterans. In fact, in addition to helping Veterans cope with physical discomfort such as chronic pain, medical cannabis has been ranked as the leading strategy for dealing with psychological ailments including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


Signature’s Cannabis Vaporizers Have Been Fully Approved by Veterans Affairs.

Signature’s dry herb cannabis vaporizers have been fully approved by Veterans Affairs Canada and qualify for reimbursement for all or a portion of the cost of this medical equipment. We offer a range of medical cannabis vaporizers and other accessories designed to meet your individual needs. 


Qualification Details for Vaporizer Reimbursements: 

      • To be eligible for reimbursement for a dry herb cannabis vaporizer, you must have a valid prescription for medical cannabis.
      • That prescription must be registered with Veterans Affairs Canada.
      • Medical cannabis vaporizers are considered “durable medical equipment” and reimbursement is provided according to the eligibility of the Veteran.
      • Durable medical equipment such as dry herb cannabis vaporizers, purchased through the VAC direct-pay reimbursement program, is considered property of the Veteran.
      • Reimbursement can be extended to those considered Veterans under the VAC program, as well as retired RCMP members.



          To Apply For Reimbursement of Your Signature Vaporizer, Follow These Steps: 

          1.  Go to our website and create an order for for a dry herb cannabis vaporizer. You can choose any device from our "dry herb vaporizer" page. Every device on this page is considered durable medical equipment, eligible for reimbursement under the VAC program. Alternatively you can call us at 1-866-420-4420, or send an email to We will create an order for you.
          2.  Signature will contact you back to request your K-Number (Veterans) or R-Number (retired RCMP). All that is required from you to receive authorization for reimbursement is your full name and K/R-Number.
          3.  Signature will call Veterans Affairs on your behalf. Veterans Affairs will let us know how much you are authorized to claim.
          4.  Veterans Affairs will provide us with an Authorization Number. This number will automatically be filed in the claims submission form for cross-reference.
          5.  Signature will apply the dollar amount you are eligible for to your order. You will be charged the outstanding balance.
          6. We will then ship your order.


            For more information, contact us directly.

            That's all there is to it!


            Make sure you get all the reimbursement from Veterans Affairs that you deserve for medical cannabis equipment and products. Why not browse our Signature products right now and decide which ones you want!

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